Mid-Week Update July 18, 2018

Midweek Update July 18, 2018


URGENT: Call to Help for Fresh Stop Market/Food Stamps For now, Fresh Stop won’t be able to accept EBT or food stamps.   The federal government changed providers for the app used at farmer's markets for processing food stamps. Until the new app is operational, no one in the country will be able to use food stamps at a farmer's market or our Fresh Stop Market. If you’d like to donate money in order to help provide fresh food for low income residents, it would be appreciated. Every dollar helps.

Share prices are income based. For information about ordering, volunteering, or anything else, please contact New Roots at www.newroots.org or at 502-509-6770, or Barbra Justice at velma2720 [at] yahoo.com or 502-234-0607.
Next delivery: Today, Wednesday, July 18
Order deadline:  Friday, July 27 for August 1 delivery

Bread Communion: Lammas July 29 Lammas is the first of three harvest festivals celebrated by Wiccans and neo-pagans.  The word Lammas means loaf mass which is bread. The service gives thanks for the harvest of bread and all those people who make it possible.

As part of that service, the congregation is asked to participate in this communal event by bringing bread significant to their family, heritage, or celebrations. The breads will decorate the Chancel Table and be shared with our church family.

John Gage Returns August 5 John will be leading the Celebration of Life. He is a highly esteemed Louisville-based folk singer/song-writer.  His voice and guitar make solid listening and draw on the alchemy of ancient balladeers and poets, transporting listeners inwardly for reflection and intimacy. He has been a long-time friend of the Unitarian Church, and has led services here more than any other local guest. His songs are thoughtful, and his sermons inspiring.

John is host and emcee of Kentucky Homefront, a radio show that preserves Kentucky’s cultural heritage through storytelling and traditional music. The show features Kentucky's finest acoustic folk, traditional, blues, country, and bluegrass musicians, and its best storytellers. 

“First” Sunday Lunch Date Change  The August and September lunches will be held the second weeks of the month, August 12 and September 9. This allows us to have lunch after the Water Communion in August and avoid Labor Day Weekend in September.

Annual Water Communion August 12 As we come back together after our summer holidays and adventures, we will share real or virtual waters, symbolizing our journeys, experiences, and life lessons. The “First Sunday” Lunch will take place that day as well.

Building Use Meetings at First U - If you use space or your group meets at First U, please follow a few simple courtesy rules. First, all meetings need to be on the calendar! Contact office [at] firstulou.org to arrange a time and location. If you’re not sure when or where you want to meet, the calendar is available on the website (firstulou.org/calendar) for ease in checking availability. But even if you think a space is not being used, please contact the office. Building use is being tracked so it’s important, even if after the fact.

Second, the same rooms are used by multiple groups, often in the same day. When in doubt, leave the room the way you found it! (hint: Take a few pictures first before you move things to make it easier to return.) If you think you'll want to re-arrange the space, a quick check with the office will let you know whether you need to return it to the way you found it or if it doesn't matter  If you will be using the space multiple days in a row, get permission from the office to leave your arrangement. The office administrator will know whether others will use the space between your meeting times.

For your own safety, do not let in someone you don’t know outside church hours. If they are indeed here with another group, someone from that group will let them in. We’ve had issues with panhandlers that get in then roam the building bothering the various groups meeting.  As always, be sure that doors are locked and lights off if you are the last to leave the area.

Finally, if you come across a problem, report security concerns, needed maintenance or cleaning issues to the office. Thank you.

CLCM Fundraiser: Trivia Night Saturday, August 4 at 7:00pm Food and drinks sold, silent auction items, and a $150 grand prize! $10 per person. Reserve your place or table at trivia40203 [at] outlook.com. Doors open at 6:30pm, trivia starts at 7pm. Come have a fun evening with friends and help support a great organization that supports residents in the 13th poorest zip code in the US. This is hosted by the First U Women's Alliance to benefit Central Louisville Community Ministries and other ministries in the 40203 zip code.

Women's Alliance Save the Dates:
Aug. 4 at 7pm - CLCM Trivia Night
Aug. 18 at 10am - Next WA meeting
Oct. 19-21: Fall weekend retreat

Celebration of Life 11:00am
Building Bridges: A Community Conversation with Muslim Women
Speaker: Naile Demirel. Moderated by Jeannie Samdani

Our service this Sunday will be presented by a group of women who call themselves, Muslim Women Building Bridges, They are giving presentations in churches and organizations around Louisville to build awareness of the peaceful nature of Islam. Our service will include a reading from Islamic scripture, an Islamic children’s tale, The Old Woman and the Prophet. and a panel of these women prepared to answer any questions you may have about Islam. The lead presenter of the panel, Naile Demirel, will provide a short overview of Islam. The panel moderator will be Jeannie Samdani.

Before the service, you are invited to join us in the library for a discussion format class during Adult RE at 9:45.  We will begin with a short slideshow followed by Q&A with a panel of women from “Muslim Women Building Bridges.” The lead presenter will be Rona Osman. The discussion will be moderated by Jeannie Samdani.

Summer Religious Exploration 9:45 – 10:45
Nursery care is available 9:30-12:00. Room 214
Children’s RE:  Sunday PlaySpace – attendee-led community-building activities in the courtyard for kids and their carers.
Adult RE:  Join us in the library for a discussion format class that goes with our Celebration of Life.  We will begin with a short slideshow followed by Q&A with a panel of women from “Muslim Women Building Bridges.” The lead presenter will be Rona Osman. The discussion will be moderated by Jeannie Samdani.

Calendar Events
9:45     Religious Exploration
11:00   Celebration of Life – sanctuary11:00   rental: Spiritual Israel