Chalica Information

Next week, December 3, is CHALICA! The RE classes will be presenting short pieces on each of the Seven Principles, and the Choir for All Ages will be performing. Student musicians will provide us with music as well. It's a day not to be missed! Even if your child is not able to be at church on Nov. 26, please let us know if they would like to participate on Dec. 3—we will be sure they have a part and know what to do.


We will rehearse in the sanctuary Dec. 3 beginning with Choir for All Ages at 9:30, followed by the younger classes and finishing with the adult classes. Please plan to be at church in the sanctuary by 9:30! Children will be dismissed to go upstairs for snack and activities as soon as they are done rehearsing.


Children can sit with their caregivers during the service, and we will call them forward when it is their classes' turn.


After the service, be sure to have your child pick up a special Chalica ornament and a Chalica booklet to help your family continue the celebration all week!


Chalica Challenge will also be issued during the service on December 3. We hope you will take a bag, decorate it (prizes for UU Spirit for adult and children/youth as well as Silliest Bag will be given), and then consider putting food items, hats, socks, and/or personal care items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc.) in the bag to help our friends and neighbors. Bags will be returned Dec. 10 (or thereabouts if you are unable to attend that day), and prizes will be given during the service on Dec. 17. There will be a Community Chalica Challenge bag available at the Volunteer Desk all week for those who would like to donate but would rather not take a bag.


Finally, there will also be a prize for Most Awesome Chalica Video again this year. Make a short (1-3 minutes) video on any aspect of Chalica or our theme this year, Healing, and email it to dre [at] or share a link. Our prize-winning video will be shown before the service on Dec. 17!


Chalica is a great opportunity to focus on our UU values during a time of year that can be highly commercial and consumer-driven. We hope you enjoy participating and deepening your connections to each other, our community, and your faith. Happy Chalica, everyone!!