Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry develops and implements varied spiritual services and related events for the Congregation. It works with the Minister to improve the spiritual environment for the Church, helping to attract and retain members and friends through the presentation of meaningful worship services. The Ministry meets the second Wednesday of every month.

              Pam Middleton. 2016-17 Chair
              worshipministry [at] firstulou.org


Worship Ministry Task Teams and 2016-2017 member assignments:

  • Chair - Pam Middleton
  • Ministry Council Representative - Trish Ramey
  • Worship Associate and Lay-led Services Coordinator - Trish Ramey
  • Chancel decorations coordinator - Brian Daly
  • Chalice Lighter Coordinator - Pam Middleton
  • Usher Coordinator -  Pam Middleton
  • Sanctuary Layout Coordinator - Lee Wells
  • Music Committee - Trish Ramey (Worship Ministry liaison)
  • Wayside Pulpit Provider - Del Ramey
  • Meeting Scribe - Brian Daly
  • Tech Deck - Jane Buckley
  • Sunday Slide Presentations - Pam Middleton


Goals for 2016-2017 include...

  1. Produce at least 18 quality lay-led Sunday Morning Worship Services for 2016-17.
  2. Assist the Minister in co-ordination of all other Sunday Morning Worship Services
  3. Assist the Minister in training of Worship Associates and Service Coordinators (Note: WA's need not be members of Worship Ministry)
  4. Receive and respond to feedback from the congregation on worship services.
  5. Aid in the creation of a Christmas Vespers, 12/24/2016