Connections Ministry

Mission: The Connections Ministry intentionally cares for the health of the congregation by deepening our connections with each other and providing opportunities for growth. The Connections Ministry Leader is Maureen Taylor.

The Connections Ministry is divided into the following “core” areas, with specific tasks and tasks teams specified in each area.

Path to Membership
Brochures/Literature/Newcomer Info cards: Trish Ramey; Visitor Welcome notes -Joan Johnson; Info Sessions/Classes/Tours, New Member Sunday-Claudia Runge

Members and Friends Administration
Name tags-Trish Ramey; Census -NancyMacPherson; Accurate Lists for Directory & Picture Directory; Picture Directory coordinator-Jill Sampson

Coffee Servers - TBD; Greeters-Brian Daly; Luncheons-Tiffany Taylor

Congregational Life
Memorial Services, Receptions-Women's Alliance

Congregational Care Team
Cards and Cookies-Gary Drehmel; Care Teams-Nancy MacPherson