Connections Ministry

Mission: The Connections Ministry intentionally cares for the health of the congregation by deepening our connections with each other and providing opportunities for growth. The Connections Chair for 2015-16 is Maureen Taylor.

The Connections Ministry is divided into the following “core” areas, with specific tasks and tasks teams specified in each area.

Path to Membership
Brochures/Literature/Newcomer Info cards: Trish Ramey; Visitor Welcome notes -Joan Johnson; Info Sessions/Classes/Tours, New Member Sunday-Claudia Runge

Members and Friends Administration
Name tags-Trish Ramey; Census -NancyMacPherson; Accurate Lists for Directory & Picture Directory; Picture Directory coordinator-Jill Sampson

Coffee Servers - TBD; Greeters-Brian Daly; Luncheons-Tiffany Taylor

Congregational Life
Memorial Services, Receptions-Women's Alliance

Congregational Care Team
Cards and Cookies-Gary Drehmel; Care Teams-Nancy MacPherson