Resources Ministry


Resources Ministry coordinates the resources that logistically accomplish the work of the Church:

  • Maintains the building, landscaping and other matters pertaining to the building and grounds;
  • Includes a variety of support functions such as the Finance Committee, House & Grounds task force, Aesthetics, Stewardship, Fund-raising Group, Personnel Committee, and the Building Use Team; and
  • Administers the Memorial Garden which provides for the interment of ashes of members and friends of the church.


Goals for the 2015-2016 Church Year

  • For the Ministry Leaders to work together in a Mentoring and Collaboration model to ensure a smooth transition at the end of the church year.
  • To make sure the Ministry is in "good shape" --- that Team Leaders are in place, to help develop team leadership, and keep teams adequately staffed at all times.
  • That there is follow up and communication with all Resource Ministry Teams; to be aware of concerns, to listen and assess ideas, and to give support.
  • To work in Collaboration with the Minister, the Board of Trustees, Ministry Council, the Building Supervisor, and the Office Manager to respond to the needs of the church
  • To complete certain projects and tasks during the next year: establish the Resource Ministry section on the church web site; work with the Board of Trustees on a "Safety Procedure" policy; and establish with the Aesthetics Team a "Donation Policy" to send to the Board.


Meetings and Minutes

The Leader and many of Resources Teams meet on an ad hoc basis. Some of the Resources Teams meet monthly. Churchyard Friends has regular work days where they make our grounds look beautiful. These are announced via weekly emails and church bulletins and all are welcome.


Ministry members

Ministry Leader: Mary Ballard


Communication with congregation

Ideas? Concerns? Suggestions? Want to be a part of the Resources Ministry? We want to hear what you think! Contact the Resources Ministry at resourcesministry [at]

The Resources Ministry also has occasioal updates in Steepletalk.


Structure of the Ministry:

The Resources Ministry includes the following teams:

House and Grounds Team
Chair: Bob Ballard
Members: David Runge, Pete Weber, Fran Fargen, Uwe Eickman, Roger Olhman, Joe Kremer, John Peabody, Earl Reynolds (Building Supervisor)

Aesthetics Team
Chair: Kathy Thackeray and Bev Daly
Members: Carol Tobe, Eugenia Willner, Ann Ulinski

Churchyard Friends
Chairs: Kathy Gapsis

Technology Team
Chair: Brian Daly
Members: John Cooley, Jim Fry, Roger Bradshaw

Sound Team
Chair: Jim Fry
Members: Jane Martin-Buckley, Mike Mayberry

Sanctuary Resources
Chair: Lee Wells


Become involved:

If you are interested in being a part of the Resources Ministry, we would love to have you!. Email us at resourcesministry [at] or talk to Mary Ballard at church.